Expat tax services

We offer a full service to expats. Tax service, advice on financial planning and mortgage advice for expats.

If you are an expat in the Netherlands it is beneficial to let an tax specialist for expats analyse your situation to get maximum benefit from the Dutch Tax regulation.

Call us for a appointment, we will tell you all about:

  • the 30% rule
  • when and if you get taxes returned
  • what possible deductions apply to your situation
  • Which costs you we can deduct if you buy a house in the Netherlands
  • If fiscal partnership is beneficial and how to apply
  • how the tax system works in the Netherlands

Expat Taxes

Free intake for expats

Expat mortgages

If you are an expat and looking for a mortgage in the Netherlands than it can be complicated. Our mortgage expat experts know exactly how to get you the best mortgage. Our mortgage experts are 100% independent and work with more than 20 banks in the Netherlands. So you will always get the best rates possible.

Call us for a free intake at 030-3031383 and find out what your options are as a expat on the real estate market.